Our History

The First State Bank of Columbus

History of The First State Bank, Columbus, TX

On March 1, 1913, The First State Bank opened for business in the Stafford Bank Building on the corner of Milam and Spring Streets with total deposits of $54,416.52. Total capital was $25,000.00 and total resources $86,136.20. The first officers elected were Ike T. Pryor, President; E. A. Hutchins, Vice President; Owen G. Hoegmeyer, Cashier and R. Lee Hastedt, Assistant Cashier. The Bank continued its operation in the old Stafford Bank Building until 1916, when the property formerly owned by the Simpson Bank was purchased. In 1916 the Bank moved its headquarters to the Simpson Bank Building located at the corner of Walnut and Milam and in 1923 erected a building at a cost of $36,512.63.

On December 9, 1915, Ike T. Pryor resigned as President and Director. John Hastedt was elected Director to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Pryor. He was also elected as inactive Vice President. G. H. Miller, Sr. was elected President. E. A. Hutchins interest was sold and he resigned as Vice President and Director and E. G. Miller was elected to fill his unexpired term as Director. Mr. Miller was also elected Active Vice President.

Throughout the years, the Bank continued to grow and prosper along with the community. In 1951, the bank building was completely remodeled. As of March 1, 1953, total deposits were $4,646,372.22, total loans were $1,309,558.01, total capital was $347,003.67 and total assets were $4,985,583.13.

In 1963, the Bank celebrated 50 years of being in business. Directors were Owen G. Hoegemeyer, Chairman of the Board, E. G. Miller, J. E. Meismer, Gus H. Miller, Jr., Lester Hastedt and James D. Seymour, Jr. Officers and Employees were O. G. Hoegemeyer, Chairman of the Board; E. G. Miller, President; J. E. Meismer, Vice President; A. J. Brune, Jr., Vice President; Gus H. Miller, Jr., Vice President and Cashier; Allan A. Hill, Assistant Cashier; C. A. Hennecke, Assistant Cashier; Mrs. Lorene Schmidt, Assistant Cashier; Mrs. Margie C. Kneblik, Assistant Cashier; Miss Shirley Hattermann, Bookkeeper; Mrs. Waldine Fruge, Bookkeeper; Mrs. Geraldine Barton, Bookkeeper; and Mrs. Barbara Ann Frank, Bookkeeper.

As of March 1, 1963, total deposits were $5,236,413.90, total loans were $2,115,099.86, total capital was $815,166.62 and total assets were $6,106,268.15.

In 1971, the Bank’s outside walls were torn down and all that remained was the concrete skeleton. The Bank building was then enlarged and the outer walls were made of Italian granite (the present bank building’s facade).

In 1976, E. G. Miller died and Allan A. Hill was elected Chairman of the Board and CEO and Gus H. Miller, Jr. was elected President.

Published in the American Banker on February 28, 1989, The First State Bank was listed as the #1 U.S. Community Bank in the nation. Total assets were $61,525,000.00 and total deposits were $47,061,000.00.

In 1991, the Columbus Bancorp, Inc. was formed and became the parent company of The First State Bank. On December 31, 1995, Gus H. Miller, Jr. retired from the Bank, but remained on the Board of Directors. James H. Whitcomb was elected President of the Bank, serving between the years of 1996 until 1999.

In 1999, Allan A. Hill was elected Sr. Chairman of the Board, James H. Whitcomb was elected Chairman and CEO of the Board and Karl E. Hill was elected President. In 2005, Karl E. Hill was elected as CEO. April, 2009, James H. Whitcomb retired from the Board and Mark A. Hill became Chairman of the Board.

The Bank continues to be one of the strongest community banks in the nation. As of March 2010, total capital was $15,150,000.00, total deposits were $84,650,000.00, total loans were $16,450,000.00 and total assets were $100,300,000.00. In comparison, as of March 2016, total capital was $20,072,000, total deposits were $126,288,000, total loans were $22,703,000, and total assets were $146,758,000.

The current Directors of The First State Bank are: Karl E. Hill, Chairman of the Board; Patrick C. Moeller; Mark A. Hill; Lisa M. McNutt; Kim A. Reichle; John C. Glithero; Barry D. Rutta; Gus H. Miller, Jr., Advisory Director; and Jane M. Hill, Advisory Director.

The current Officers and Employees of the Bank are: Karl E. Hill, Chairman of the Board and CEO; Patrick C. Moeller, President and CFO; Lisa M. McNutt, Senior Vice President and Cashier; Kim A. Reichle, Senior Vice President; Donna J. Krueger, Senior Vice President; Jo Ann Zapalac, Vice President; Liska F. Pilsner, Vice President; John J. Polach, Jr., Vice President; Barbara J. Barta, Vice President; Cecilia T. Smidovec, Sandi D. Roensch, Lori B. Grissom, Laura H. Johnson, Jessica P. Dvorak, Savanah K. Hoelscher, Brandon T. Orsak and Laura E. Moeller.